• Featured Actor of the Day: Robert Rensin

    Today’s featured actor is Robert Rensin, finally revealed as Mr. Coen in Episode Six! Learn more about him, below!


    1. Tell us about yourself. Where are you from and what is your background? 

    I was born and raised in NYC. As a high school student I worked in the Catskills at the Concord Hotel as a folk singer (it was the 60’s) and actually opened for Rodney Dangerfield.

    2.Tell us about your acting/producing career so far.

    After a career in the mental health business I stumbled into an acting class and performed in community theater in St. Louis, quickly moving to professional theater there. I have had the pleasure of performing the works of Harold Pinter, Neil Simon, Arthur Miller and more. I was honored to be nominated twice for St. Louis’ premiere acting award, The Kevin Kline Award, for Best Supporting Actor, and won a Judy Award in the same category. I produced the teaser for City of the Blues,a script we hope will be picked up as an episodic cable TV show. During my six-month stay in LA trying to promote City of the Blues,I also auditioned for SAG projects that caught my interest.

    3. What is your dream job/role/project?

    My dream job is being a minor deity on a mosquito-free tropical island and being part of an acclaimed theater/film production company where an older character actor can grow and take pride in and be challenged by working with the best actors. And don’t forget film; I would love to perform important roles that add (QUIETLY) to the power of the whole.


    1. Who do you play in Jewvangelist? Tell us about him.

    I play Mr. Coen and I hope that his humorous and bright love for his wife will be a highlight of Episode Six while we demonstrate why our rabbi should stay.

    2. Which aspect of your character’s personality is closest to your own? Which is the furthest?

    Mr Coen is probably a lot like me, but perhaps less adventurous.

    3. What drew you to Jewvangelist? 

    The title. It tickles me.


    What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

    I lived with the Huaorani Indians for a week in the jungle.