• Featured Actor of the Day: Lauren Elliott

    Lauren Elliott is simply wonderful as Janelle in Episode Four. Learn more about her below!

    Tell us about yourself. Where are you from and what is your background?

    I hail from the four-seasoned side of the world…the East Coast! I studied dance and some theater throughout childhood, but it all became more apparent during my senior year in high school that my passion for being the spectacle that consumed and demanded the attention would be the perfect fit for me. From there I went on to study Speech and Theater at Grambling State University in Louisiana.

    2. Tell us about your acting career so far.

    I have had the opportunity to perform in several stage productions such as Six Letters in Harlem, Torn, Iris, and Milkcrates,  all originally written pieces by talented up and coming artists. Although I was birthed on the stage I have integrated myself into short films and web series including, Fixed, First Date, and Morgan.  I am in the early stages of creating my own youtube channel for a variety sketch show and would love to expand my knowledge in producing and directing.

    3. What is your dream job/role/project? 

    As artists, we’re all intrigued to challenge ourselves with new and exciting stories to tell. I would love to play a drug addict or a head executive.

    4. Who inspires you most in your field? 

    Anyone willing to bare their soul and follow their heart and not worry about the judgement that cometh in the morning. Any person that continues to find that ray of sunshine in the midst of the storm and continues to follow suit. I do not like to name names or compare my journey and talent to others, but I love the freedom that Jim Carrey displays in all of his work.


    1. Who do you play in Jewvangelist? Tell us about him or her.

    I play the character Janelle in Jewvangelist.  She possesses a sentimental nurturing approach in her teachings, as her job is to bring out the best without shattering confidence.

    2. Which aspect of your character’s personality is closest to your own? Which is the furthest?

    By nature, I am the type of person that uplifts people’s spirits. I am always seeking to inspire and ignite the flame that seems dim. I am down to earth and am always searching to give words of encouragement.

    3. What drew you to Jewvangelist?

    I love the comradery of this piece. I feel if the people of this world were willing to spread love and welcome “everyone” with open arms, it would be a start to the change we so eagerly speak about but cease to take action on. I like the fact that this piece communicates the true intentions of a Rabbi and expands knowledge into other religions. We have the tendency to shun things we don’t understand and this actually gave me a better understanding.

    4. Tell us a story about something that happened on set.

    Every moment in between was very relaxed and full of laughter. Everyone was so nice and there were plenty of characters that kept the mood light.

    5. What makes Jewvangelist a must-see?

    I know everyone talks about their projects as a must see but this is truly a must see! It’s difficult to infuse religion with comedy that can relate to everyone but by golly I think they achieved that with this one. This is not just for a certain age group, race or religion, this piece is transparent and can relate to all.


    What is your spirit animal?

    My spirit animal is the hummingbird. I relate this animal to my twin sister whom I lost at birth. Whenever I’ m feeling gloomy, wired, or confused she always seems to show up. It places a calming, comfortable feeling over my spirit that the situation will work itself out in the end.