• Featured Actor of the Day: Jerry Lacy

    Today’s Featured Actor is Jerry Lacy, who plays Dr. Klein in Episode Four, airing tomorrow! Make sure to read the best character description we’ve seen yet, below:



    1. Tell us about yourself. Where are you from and what is your background? 

    Born in Sioux City, Iowa. Came to California when I joined the Marines. Spent the last half century or more being an actor!

    2. Tell us about your acting/ writing career so far. 

    Lots of years on soap operas, and a lot of TV appearances mixed in with stage work all over the place, and a movie here and there. Wrote a few sitcom episodes and a number of plays, which is a continuing endeavor.

    3. What is your dream job/role/project? 

    At this point in my career, all I want to do is keep going. Doesn’t matter much what the role is, as long as it requires acting.

    4. Who inspires you most in your field?

     I get a lot of inspiration when I watch Robert Downey, Jr. He manages to make each and every role his own, and he can play a wide range of characters, all to perfection. That’s acting.


    1. Who do you play in Jewvangelist? Tell us about him or her.

    Dr. Klein. Born in Russia and brought to the States as a young boy, he relied heavily on his close knit family during the hard years when his father could not find work. Because the family spoke mostly Yiddish at home, he was never able to completely lose his accent when speaking English. After college, which he put himself through, he took some time off and went to sea with a merchant trader, and saw much of the world.  Shipwrecked at one time on an island in the Pacific, he spent almost an entire year living off the land and sea until finally being rescued by a passing yacht. On the yacht, the daughter of the owner was helping out as a kitchen wench. She was the lovely young lady who ended up years later as Mrs. Klein. She was only ten years old when they met, but, after getting back to the States, he kept in touch with the family who saved him, and fifteen years later, he proposed. She was just twenty-five. Her family had money and put him through medical school, where he was near the top of his class. After a long and illustrious career as a nerosurgeon, he retired from Cedars Sinai Hospital, and remained in the Beverly Hills area where he and Mrs. Klein are often seen at music venues around town. He loves the music. Don’t ask him about the shipwreck, you’ll never get away from him. He’ll talk your ear off.

    2. Which aspect of your character’s personality is closest to your own? Which is the furthest? 

    Aspect of him closest to me:  His love of the sea.  Farthest:  his love of popular music.

    3. What drew you to Jewvangelist?

    I love self-starters!

    4. Tell us a story about something that happened on set.

    The most exciting thing was that I met some wonderful, talented people with whom I hope to work again.

    5. What makes Jewvangelist a must-see?

    It is light, funny, endearing and above all, hopeful for the future of the human race. 


    What do you look for in a significant other?

    Boobs. If there are no boobs, don’t bother me. After that, it must be someone who shares my life outlook and agrees that we must at all times stay on the same side of the fence. After forty years with my significant other, I can honestly say I found it.